About us

The company COLIBRIS FLIGHT s.r.o. operates as a small sales and technical group, specializing in the field of stainless steel production in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We focus on precise processing and surface treatment of stainless steel parts, according to the wishes of our customers we are happy to process both small and atypical orders, as well as large compact ones.

We carry out orders in the field of production of structures, equipment and steel products mainly for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries not only in the Czech Republic, but in many countries around the world. Favorable pricing policy, fast production deadlines and an advanced quality management system are the main pillars that ensure the favor of our customers at home and abroad.

What are we doing

The company realizes deliveries and assembly of technological units, production of atypical equipment and structures mainly from stainless and carbon steels and service work. However, we also carry out partial or complex deliveries of production equipment and entire operations in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Last but not least, we also produce stainless steel and steel products for construction and housing. The special offer of services consists of a comprehensive service of water works and equipment for water management companies using diving and climbing techniques. We offer free transport capacities for use in the form of road transport up to 3.5 tons.

Where we operate

Thanks to comprehensive coverage by our sales representatives, we carry out most orders throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. In cooperation with our partners and our suppliers, we also carry out orders in other countries in Europe and Asia, namely in Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Sweden and other countries.

Our priorities

The company COLIBRIS FLIGHT s.r.o. is committed to doing business in accordance with the following principles and priorities:

  • Fair dealing with customers and suppliers
  • Good payment morale
  • Systematic approach to all processes
  • Ongoing investment in development and modernization
  • Long-term development and modernization of equipment
  • Flexibility of the implementation team


1… Quality of production and services
  • TQM – established quality management system
  • Qualifications of employees and the whole team
  • Equipped with modern tools and machines
2… Speed – immediate start of orders
  • Flexible production processes
  • Work team variability
  • Cooperation with recruitment agencies
3… Warranties on delivered products
  • Reserve fund – covering the costs of complaints
  • Contractual guarantee of guarantee guarantees
  • Insurance for damage caused to customers
4… Prices – acceptable pricing policy
  • Pressure on low prices from suppliers
  • Streamlining own production and services
  • Low sales prices for customers

From our production program:


Production of mini-breweries, equipment for mini-breweries, complex deliveries and modernization of mini-breweries

Operating a microbrewery is a proven, highly profitable business if the project is built on sound economic foundations. We provide comprehensive services related to economic analysis of the project, design, construction, production and installation of small breweries with a production capacity of 112 to 24,000 hectoliters of beer per year. We also offer reconstruction of existing microbreweries and production of individual components for microbreweries.

We produce mini-breweries of traditional and special constructions, intended for installation in fixed buildings (built-iWe offer a selection of several design variants of breweries and a wide selection of other components for mini-breweries:n mini-breweries) or completely placed in containers (container mini-breweries).

Why choose our microbreweries?

Our mini-breweries enable the production of Czech-type beer and any type of beer according to foreign recipes by decoction and infusion methods. The cold block can be equipped with traditionally open fermentation vats for open bottom fermentation (spilky) and lager tanks, or modern cylindrical-conical tanks, in which the main fermentation and maturation of beer takes place.

Offer production of microbreweries and components for microbreweries

We offer a selection of several design variants of breweries and a wide selection of other components for mini-breweries:

  • Interior brewery breweries for the production of beer from traditional ingredients in restaurant interiors
  • Technological brewing breweries for the production of beer from traditional raw materials in designated areas of restaurants
  • Industrial brewing breweries for the production of beer from traditional raw materials in an industrial manner in designated areas
  • Brewing breweries for the production of beer from malt extract
  • Brewing breweries for the production of beer from wort concentrate
  • Brewery breweries built into containers
  • Steam generators – electric, gas, fuel oils
  • Shredders – malt presses
  • Open fermentation vats – cellars for open fermentation of beer
  • Lager tanks – pressure vessels for maturing and saturating beer
  • Cylindroconical tanks – pressure vessels for beer fermentation and maturation
  • Pressure tanks – pressure vessels for the preparation of beer for sale
  • Hot water tanks – insulated containers with and without heating
  • Cold water tanks – insulated containers for ice water and glycol
  • Yeast tanks and regenerators – storage of brewer’s yeast
  • Propagation station – equipment for growing own strains of brewer’s yeast
  • CIP station – equipment for washing and sanitation of brewery production technology
  • Beer filtration filters – plate, sirloin, kieselguhr, microfilters
  • Air compressors – with carbon filters
    Cooling systems for mini-breweries – liquid and air cooling
  • Mini-brewery control system – for manual, central and automatic control
  • Beer keg washers and fillers
  • Bottle fillers
  • Tap equipment


 In connection with the production of mini-breweries, we provide customers with a comprehensive range of support services:

I. Design and engineering of breweries

We provide design, engineering and design work for breweries, analysis and financial planning of future economic development of breweries, financial analysis, preparation of production and operational documentation of breweries.

II. Brewery technology transport

We will ensure the safe transport of the brewery to any place in the world. We also accept transport of the brewery provided by the customer. Cargo insurance for the entire period of transport is a matter of course.

III. Assembly of breweries

We provide the service of assembling the brewery at the customer’s site by our assembly workers. We deliver all components of the brewery to the destination, where they are then assembled by the assembly team.

IV. Chief assembly of breweries

Assembling the brewery at the customer by foreign workers led by our supervisor. An advantageous solution for remote orders, where the cost of the local assembly team is significantly cheaper for the customer than the cost of our assembly team. We will ensure quality assembly of the brewery under the guidance of our expert.

V. Reconstruction and modernization of breweries

We will analyze the current state of the brewery and develop proposals for the effective implementation of modern technologies and procedures. The aim is to increase the productivity of beer production and the introduction of modern standards of production and operation management.

VI. Brewing brewers and brewery operators

We provide brewing skills training and consulting services for future and current brewery operators. Part of our services is also the rental of a Czech brewery, ie the start-up of new brewery operations under the leadership of a qualified and experienced Czech brewery. We recommend using this useful service at all newly built breweries.

VII. Warranty service for breweries

The brewery operator must meet the conditions of the Trade Licensing Act for the production of beer and beer-based beverages, in which this activity is defined as the craft trade of brewing and malting. Our brewer with qualifications and experience in the field of brewing and malting can become a responsible representative for a natural person or organization that intends to operate the brewery.

VIII. Supplies of raw materials for beer production

We provide safe and regular supplies of raw materials for the production of not only Czech beer to brewery operators around the world – grain malt, hops, brewer’s yeast, concentrates. Adequate quality raw materials are an important prerequisite for the production of good and tasty beer of the selected type. It is not possible to produce beer of a certain brand, tasting the same as in its country of origin, from raw materials other than those used in the place of its traditional production.






Pressure and non – pressure vessels

Pressure and non-pressure vessels made of stainless or carbon steel are the basis of many technological devices in the field of pharmacy, food industry, chemical industry, construction, water management, gas management, etc.

Manufacture of stainless steel or carbon steel vessels and tanks

We manufacture pressure and non-pressure vessels in production series of standard products and individually according to individual customer requirements. Our portfolio consists of pressure and non-pressure vessels for a wide range of applications: food, pharmacology, construction, water management, chemical and processing industries. The manufactured containers are designed for all types of media in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. They are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless steel, possibly galvanized or coated. Of course, the vessels are insulated with duplication cooling or heating, or with stirrers, pumps, measuring and control elements.

Production range of pressure and non-pressure vessels

Pressure vessels
  • Cylindroconical tanks
  • Lager beer tanks
  • Pressurized beer tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Sanitary containers and stations
  • Expanders
  • Filters
  • Water heaters – boilers
  • Boilers
  • Pinwheels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Aerators
  • Mudguards
  • Screen filters
  • Condensate tanks
  • Vehicle air tank
Non-pressure vessels
  • Expansion tanks for liquids
  • Liquid storage tanks
  • Storage tanks for bulk materials
  • Transport tanks for liquids
  • Transport tanks for bulk materials
  • Mixing vessels for liquids
  • Sludge sumps and tanks
  • Fermentation vats – cellars

Examples of manufactured pressure and non-pressure vessels for selected fields

Brewing vessels
  • Brewery breweries
  • Cylindrical-conical tanks
  • Lager tanks
  • Pressure tanks
  • Hot and cold water tanks
  • Yeast storage bins
Containers for food
  • Beverage storage tanks
  • Mixing vessels for the production of beverages
  • Filling tanks – preparation for distribution
  • Tanks and tank superstructures
  • Gas filling tanks
  • Storage tanks and granaries
Containers for pharmacy
  • Tanks for precise dosing of drugs
  • Perticulators for drug mixing
  • Vessels with stirrers and pumps
  • CIP containers for washing and sanitation
  • Manufacturers of infusion solutionsContainers for clean water
Containers for the chemical industry
  • For storage of aggressive liquids
  • For pressure gas storage
  • Containers for chemical production
  • Air reservoirs and reservoirs
  • For transport of liquids and gases
  • For other special purposes

We manufacture all containers in accordance with the applicable European standards, or according to the standards valid in the destination country of the product.

The method and technological procedure of construction of pressure tanks and vessels complies with the requirements of the European regulation for pressure equipment according to standards EN13445, 97/23 / EC, 2010/35 / EC and ADR-2011 (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). All manufactured pressure tanks bear the CE mark or PI mark.

We manufacture pressure vessels up to an overpressure of 10 bar.

We use ecological coatings for the surface treatment of carbon steel containers. For stainless steel containers, we guarantee the specified surface roughness and surface treatment of welds. At the customer’s request, we also provide hot-dip galvanizing from the outside and inside of the containers.


Equipment for the chemical industry

The chemical industry uses a wide range of technologies, and the basic requirement for all structures, equipment and technological elements is their safety and resistance to chemicals.

We manufacture equipment, structures and production units for the chemical industry from highly durable alloyed stainless steels and structural carbon steel. The most frequently produced equipment includes equipment for inorganic chemistry, petrochemical industry, agrochemical industry, food industry, pharmacology and cosmetics production.

These are mainly pressure and non-pressure vessels, vessels with stirrers and pumps, piping systems, steel and stainless steel load-bearing structures and frames, stainless steel installations in static and mobile spaces and other products. Production takes place in accordance with ČSN, EN, ASME or GOST standards according to customer requirements.


Pharmacy equipment

Pharmacy is a medical and at the same time an industry that ensures the production of medicines for patients. Includes research, production, distribution, storage and dispensing of drugs.

We manufacture equipment, structures and production units for pharmacology from highly durable alloyed stainless steels. We provide design, manufacture, assembly, assembly and revitalization of production lines in pharmacy from the preparation and process processing of raw materials, through filling, packaging, to shipping. Complex deliveries also include measurement and regulation, deliveries of power and signal electrical and electronic control units. We also provide service and repairs of these devices and the production of filling and handling equipment of our own design for the pharmaceutical industry.

These are mainly stainless steel pressure and non-pressure vessels, stainless steel vessels with stirrers and pumps, stainless steel piping systems, steel and stainless steel supporting structures and frames, stainless steel installations in static and mobile spaces and other equipment. Production takes place in accordance with ČSN, EN, ASME or GOST standards according to customer requirements.


Food industry equipment

The food industry is a field in which stainless steel products are used as much as possible. The chemical resistance and inert food behavior of stainless steel make it an ideal material for food machinery and equipment.

Stainless steel food equipment has been functional for decades with minimal maintenance, while design purity is combined with great practicality. Stainless steel equipment and facilities withstand daily chemical and mechanical maintenance with virtually no trace after use. However, products made of ordinary surface-treated carbon steel also have a place in the food industry.


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