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High quality products

All products and systems we supply are of a high and professional level. They are made of the best stainless steel and other materials and thoroughly tested before being placed on the market.

Wide sortiment

Our company offers a wide range of products for a large circle of our customers. From small facilities for restaurant operators, through facilities for small beer producers to professional breweries. Furthermore, everything for fruit processors, CIDER producers and supplies for sellers of all beverages.

Excellent Services

Great sales are also part of the sale of our products. Services associated with the delivery of our products, such as instructions for use, warranty and post-warranty service of individual parts of the product or even the sending of spare parts.

Fast Delivery

Prompt dispatch of the product if it is in stock or immediate start of production of the product is a clear priority of our company in customer service. Immediately after meeting the agreed conditions, the goods are packed after delivery and handed over to the carrier for delivery to the customer.

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We produce our “NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER” using a device called “HOP EXTRACTOR”, which is a device generally used for cold hops and is used to macerate hop aroma and oils into cold beer without contact with air in order to enhance the aroma and taste of beer. By using this device, beer can reach a rich scale with a unique, original, rich aroma and taste, ultimately original character.

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