Production of “NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER”

We produce our “NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER” using a device called “HOP EXTRACTOR”, which is a device generally used for cold hops and is used to macerate hop aroma and oils into cold beer without contact with air in order to enhance the aroma and taste of beer. By using this device, beer can reach a rich scale with a unique, original, rich aroma and taste, ultimately original character.

We have found a way to produce “NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER” on this plant using our recipes and basic ingredients such as liquid malt, hops, water and other ingredients. Equipment supplemented with a stainless steel tank of the appropriate volume, the interconnection system can then produce the appropriate beer soft drink within 4-5 days. It is also possible to produce differently flavored non-alcoholic beers (honey, raspberries, …).

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